Vision & Values

Fenix’s mission is to improve the quality of life of our customers through inclusive energy and financial services.

In pursuit of our mission, we focus on six core values. These values are at the heart of everything we do at Fenix.


We relentlessly pursue an exceptional customer experience.


We think big and make it happen.


We drive to a triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet.

Fenix Flames

One way we motivate and recognize our incredible team

At Fenix, we believe that every single team member’s contribution matters to our success. That’s why we launched Fenix Flames. Fenix Flames is a unique employee ownership program that we designed to recognize the impact of all team members from sales managers, to chefs, to customer service representatives and beyond. Flames is just one way we live out our core value of investing in a high performing and passionate team. It has inspired us to collaborate more closely than ever before, drive tirelessly to a shared vision, and be a true part of the Fenix Family. When we joined forces with ENGIE, over 350 employees participated in a payout, marking a milestone for Fenix Flames.

The journey wasn’t easy. When we began, there was no blueprint for how to build this in an East Africa-based company. In collaboration with our partners, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and Enclude, who were instrumental in helping launch the original concept, we are excited to share the story of the Fenix Flames journey with other like-minded teams who believe in the power of employee ownership.If you are a company, especially one operating in an emerging market, and you are interested in learning more about how to launch your own employee ownership program, join the community here.

Employee ownership is catalytic, and we’ve seen this first-hand at Fenix. Our pioneering Fenix Flames program motivates our team members to come together across departments and countries, to focus on cross-cutting, long-term goals, and to achieve profitability. 

We want Fenix Flames to be just the first of many employee ownership plans in East Africa, driving transformation for employees, businesses, and customers. Our hope is that Fenix Flames shows what can be possible and drives more business leaders to create inclusive ownership programs for their teams.”

Brian Warshawsky


I must say it wasn’t easy to leave a secure job in Microfinance to join a start-up, but today I celebrate taking that leap into the unknown. Alongside being a part of the company’s growth and helping to change the lives of millions of people, I have also been able to earn Flames which are enabling me to acquire a property in Kampala – a dream come true. Only one in a million companies would do this in Africa. Now that the acquisition is finalized, we will all be working hard to take Fenix to the next level.

Denis Mutti

National Sales Manager

Fenix Flames are an indicator of how much every employee and every contribution is appreciated and valued. Fenix is not just a place of work, it’s a place where you are nurtured to develop personally and also professionally. Flames show that by creating value at Fenix, we are simultaneously creating value in our personal and professional lives. This gives me more passion and excitement to come in to work and execute against all our goals everyday!

Tina Akiiki

Quality Assurance Manager

My journey with Fenix has been an adventure: I started off as a customer but when I saw how incredible the ReadyPay system was, I became a mobiliser, someone who introduces solar to the wider community. I am now a Sales Trainer, having also previously worked as Area Sales Manager for Fenix. Fenix Flames is one of a kind and is a great and unique motivation in the sense that it shows us how much we are appreciated by our employers. Plus it’s a great reward for all the hard work we put in as individuals and teams. This money will help me complete my house plus open room to do much more. I’m proud and glad to be a part of the Fenix Family.”

Robert Sennyonjo

RPC Training and Performance Manager