Fenix Power System

We build and sell products to change lives. Designed for both radical affordability and high quality, Fenix’s solar home systems deliver rugged, ultra-efficient consumer electronics technology to remote, off-grid households. We study energy spending data in depth and build pricing plans based on what our customers can afford.

At the heart of our technology is our lockable smart power system, Fenix Power. It’s a high-quality solar power ecosystem that transforms sunlight into energy to run phones, lights, radios, TVs, and more. Kits are easily installed, and customers can upgrade by adding more panels, additional storage, lights, and accessories.

Fenix Power System

Some families want a TV, and others just want to charge a phone and run a few lights. Our wide range of Fenix Power Systems meets the needs and budgets of many different households. Each solar home system-in-a-box, regardless of size, includes solar panels, energy storage, and appliances. Every Fenix market tailors its kits to meet the specific needs of their customers – see the flyers below for what each kit includes in each country.

Payable over time

Our back-end platform and proprietary vetting process let us finance previously unbanked families. Customers make a deposit and self-install their system. They then pay off the remainder of the loan in daily, weekly or monthly payments via mobile money, a phone-based system that lets users send and receive money. With each payment, the Fenix Power system receives a signal over  GSM and remotely unlocks until the next payment is due.


Customer is approved, pays a deposit, and takes home the kit. Either he or a Fenix rep installs the plug-and-play system and the customer receives 7 free days of power.


The Fenix Power System locks until the customer makes a payment.

Customer sends a payment to Fenix via a mobile money platform.

Fenix’s database receives the payment and credits it to the customer’s account.

Fenix remotely unlocks the customer’s power system via cell networks.

The power system remains unlocked for a specific period of time, depending on payment size.


Once the customer has paid off the full loan amount over 12 to 30 months, he owns his Fenix Power System. The kit unlocks permanently, or he can purchase additional products and services which Fenix collateralizes by re-locking the power system.

Build Repayment History

As they repay their loan, customers build both ownership in their system and a repayment record. Our data scientists analyze repayment histories across our portfolio to allow us to offer additional products and loans to credit-worthy customers.

Start small and upgrade over time.

Families can purchase an ultra-affordable solar system, designed specifically to match low energy budgets. After repaying for several months and establishing a repayment history, they can then expand their system via either power upgrades or financial upgrades. With our Fenix Power lockout technology, we’re able to collateralize the new loans and allow customers’ systems to grow with their needs and budgets.

Power Upgrades

Power upgrades expand battery capacity, add solar panels, and include an additional appliance such as a lantern, radio, hair clippers, or woofer, so families can increase the size and utility of their system. In certain markets, we also sell clean cookstoves.

  • Battery

  • Clean Cookstove

  • Radio

  • Satellite TV

Financial Upgrades

In some of our markets, we have begun to offer financial products such as education loans to customers who have established a strong repayment history. We will continue to expand our financial offerings as we determine the products that best meet the needs of our customers.

  • School Fee Loan

  • Agricultural Loan

  • Home Improvement Loan

  • Health Insurance