Providing an exceptional customer experience is central to our work.

We’ve built a company dedicated to customer experience. It’s in our DNA, from how we build our teams to how we structure our operations. From our six call centers to a network of service centers

reaching customers in remote areas of our markets, we make sure our customers have access not only to high-quality products but the service to back them up. It’s all part of our goal to help our customers build a path to a better life.


Backed with a three-year warranty, our solar systems improve customers’ lives with clean, bright, lights and power for phones and appliances.


At our call center, customers get answers to their questions 7 days a week in over 60 languages.


Our sales reps travel long distances to remote towns, meeting customers at their homes and helping them choose the right size system for their families.


Technical issues are easily resolved with a repair or a swap at our service centers, located all across the country.

Jacob’s Experience

We want our systems to meet customers’ current needs, but also to grow with families over time. Take a look at how one customer, Jacob, upgraded his kit and improved his family’s life with ReadyPay.

year 1
year 2
year 3

Jacob purchases a Home Starter (deposit of $10), total price of $160.

Jacob drives 6 referrals, earning a small commission each time for a total discount of 18 days of power.

Completes his Starter Kit payments on time.

Purchases upgrade to double the size of battery, double his electricity generation and access radio.

Completes radio upgrade on time after the Christmas period.

Jacob today: Paid over $200 to Fenix with an average payment size of $4. He’s currently saving for the deposit on a TV.

"I bought my solar in 2014 and my life was changed. I didn’t want to keep such a great product to myself and told my neighbors and friends about the kit. As I speak, over 10 houses in my village and over 30 houses in my parish have Fenix solar systems."."


Working for our customers

Every day, we strive to provide an exceptional customer experience. This overarching goal drives our the daily work of every team member at Fenix, from our sales agents driving to remote towns in a downpour to deliver a new solar system to a family, to our call center representatives providing financial education before a customer takes out a loan, to our finance team sourcing capital so we can provide inclusive loans. We’re grateful and excited for the opportunity to work with and for our amazing customers, and every day we aim to build the long-term relationships to make that happen.