For our third blog post on various members of the Fenix team, please meet our lead data scientist, Brianna Schuyler, and Ismael Sebunya, one of our area sales managers in Uganda.


Brianna Schuyler, Lead Data Scientist, Global team

“Fenix made the decision to stay inclusive. Because of that, we have to put a lot of work into collecting and analysing data to understand our customers.”

What is your role at Fenix, and your key objectives? 

I lead the Fenix data team of six people. We help gather data from everywhere in the organization, from financial transactions, devices, call center data, etc. In addition, we do predictive modeling. This means we work closely with the credit team to use data to help focus our interventions for the biggest impact. For example, we look at our customer base and figure out who among those customers are the most likely to finish repaying their loans.  

From your perspective, what is data science bringing to the business?

Having people repay is difficult, and everyone is struggling with this in the industry. It is challenging to work with customers who are really deep in the village: it is expensive to go and see them and sometimes they are not well educated on using technology. A lot of companies now are going toward higher-end solar kits and higher income customers, but Fenix made the decision to stay more inclusive. For this reason, we have to put a lot of work into collecting and analysing data to understand our customers, how they are using their solar home systems, and their repayment behavior. It helps us provide support to the customers and keep them on track with loan repayment while still offering financially accessible products.

What do you enjoy most about being a data scientist? 

The thing that is most exciting for me in managing the data team is the variety of things I get to work on. One day, we will be doing some software engineering tasks, another day we will do statistical analysis and the other day we will be working with the call center… There is a wide range of problems we get to work on and we get to attack everything on every angle, which is really fun! 

What do you enjoy most about working at Fenix? 

I like that Fenix is a group of people that are mostly in it for intellectual stimulation rather than money. A lot of the team is very young and excited. I like the fact that we get to do field work and that the main office is in Uganda, close to the customers. You can be out in the field one day, on your computer the next day, and in a meeting or conference on another day. 


Ismael Sebunya, Area Sales Manager, Uganda

“I love to serve our customers.”

What is your role and your objectives?

Today, I am an Area Sales Manager. I got the chance to grow within Fenix. I started as an RPC (sales rep) for three months, moved to be a Sales Representative for two years, then Area Sales Manager in Impigi and now I am the Area Sales Manager for Masaka, Sembabule, and Lukaya where I am managing 35 RPCs. My objectives are of course to make sales in the areas I cover, but also manage my RPCs well and control our stock, making sure that we always have enough to serve the customers. 

What do you like about your job?

The job allows me to travel a lot. I also love to serve our customers and make them satisfied. It is very important for me to make sure my team and I provide an excellent customer experience.

What do you mean by excellent customer experience?

A happy customer who pays his loan and wants to buy more products from us and upgrade! 

What do you like about working at Fenix?

Fenix is like a family which makes it very comfortable for me to work here.