Fenix Intl is excited to announce a partnership with SunFunder, a crowdfunding platform to finance solar for the 1.3 billion people living off-grid.

Launched today, SunFunder’s latest campaign is to fund ReadySet loans to 75 members of the Kinyara Sugar Savings and Credit Cooperative.  Each ReadySet Solar Kit will empower workers and their families to become phone charging entrepreneurs in their communities, earning more than $40 in additional income by charging phones at $0.20 cents per charge.  The ReadySet also provides savings by powering bright, clean LED lights to replace dim, dirty and expensive kerosene lamps.

To thank funders for their support, Fenix is offering a $25 coupon to buy a ReadySet from its North American Web Store for every SunFunder loan made to the ReadySet Uganda campaign.