Power to Rise.

Over 80% of households in Africa lack access to energy. We are changing that today with ReadyPay Solar Power. See how.

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who we are

We’re a next-generation energy company

Our flagship product, ReadyPay Power, is an expandable, lease-to-own solar home system providing lighting, phone charging, TV, and radio, financed through affordable installments over mobile money. We combine rich customer payment histories with additional data sources to create a cutting-edge credit score that enables those living off-grid to access both power upgrades and other life-changing loans.


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How We Do It
how we do it

High-Quality Technology

Fenix uses customer-centric design processes to create high-quality, affordable, and long-lasting ReadyPay Solar Home Systems for frontier markets. Our software engineers architect and continually innovate on our proprietary cloud-based software to facilitate sales, ensure responsive customer relationship management, and collect and analyze rich data.

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how we do it

Last-mile sales and distribution

We have pioneered an innovative strategy that serves the most rural customers through a broad network of sales agents, called ReadyPay Champions, who work collaboratively with engaged customers. We’ve also built unique co-branding and distribution partnerships with telecoms like MTN and Vodacom to dramatically reduce costs and reach even more last-mile households.

how we do it

Inclusive Consumer Financing

In spite of strong demand for solar, 95% of households can't afford the up-front cost. Our customers live on an average income of $2 to $10 a day and represent the fastest-growing and most underserved customer segment across Africa. For our customers, loans remain key to buying a solar home system even with affordable solar kits. With financing by Fenix, families make a deposit, take home their kit, and repay their loan over 12 to 30 months via mobile money payments of as little as $0.14 per day. Once a customer has repaid, they have free power for the life of the system, as well as a ReadyPay credit score to access to other products and loans.

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how we do it

Exceptional Customer Experience

A focus on customer experience is at the very heart of what we do. It’s not only our products, which provide clean, bright light and the energy to run appliances to families who previously relied on dangerous, polluting kerosene lamps. It’s our after-sales service, reaching customers across our markets through a network of over 100 service centers and six call centers speaking over 60 languages. It’s the focus of our entire team and our company culture. It’s in every decision we’ve made and all our decisions to come. Our highest priority is putting the customer first and making sure they have the experience they deserve.

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“We had never in our lives seen such light in our homes apart from the sun during daytime. Thank you all!” - Nakintu A.


Data analysis + credit scoring

Rural customers are hard to reach and expensive to serve, and they are subject to disruptions due to their unstable incomes. Traditional banks overlook these customers, but we use predictive analytics to lend to those who previously lacked financial services. We study behaviors and educate our customers so they can take charge of their financial lives and move up the energy and financial ladders.

Powerful alignment with Africa’s strongest brands.

Fenix partners with trusted brands to market and distribute ReadyPay Power. We work side-by-side with some of Africa’s largest telecoms, including MTN and Vodacom, to co-market ReadyPay Power, bring clean energy to remote customers, and drive financial inclusion via mobile money adoption. Hundreds of our sales agents operate out of our partners’ brick-and-mortar shops, allowing us to create trust, streamline logistics, and build value for customers and partners alike.

An inspiring, global team.

One of our core values is investing in a high-performing, passionate team that loves what they do. We use a rigorous, interactive interview process to hire all staff members; set clear targets to drive success; and create ownership opportunities for all team members. Our laser focus on customer experience means we collaborate relentlessly across departments, countries and time zones to change the world. We’ve created a team that thinks big and makes it happen, and we’re committed to building and maintaining a strong Fenix culture as we grow. Learn more about us here and come join us!

Our values.

The Fenix team worked together to create our core values after several years building Fenix. We reflected on what was fundamental to our company and what we never wanted to change. We examined our failures in the early years and what values would help us avoid them in the future. Our core values grew out of this process and are central to all our work at Fenix. Not just writing on the wall, our values instead guide our business decisions every day, from product design and sales processes to investments, partnerships, hiring and more.

Our Products
Fenix International has used one of the most common tools in Africa today – the mobile phone – to overcome one of the biggest constraints to renewable energy – up-front cost. With its simple and easy payment system, it has made electricity accessible to everyone. ReadyPay Solar is ready-made for Africa.”

K.Y. Amoaka

President, African Center for Economic Transformation