Bring Power To Your Life

Own a ReadyPay Solar Power System for as little as 1,000 UGX per day.

Power your lights, phones, radios, TVs and much more with affordable daily, weekly, or monthly installments using MTN Mobile Money.

For more information on the ReadyPay Solar Power System, call us on 0800 202 933 for free (in Uganda).

Repayment Schedule

KitDepositDaily InstallmentsWeekly InstallmentsMonthly InstallmentsCapability
10W ReadyPay Home Starter Kit40,000/- + 7 free days1,000/-7,000/-30,000/--3 Ultra bright LED lights
-2 Phone charging cables
-10W Solar Panel
-Daily use of up to: 3 lights for 4 hour + charge 2 phones
10W ReadyPay Home Plus Kit60,000/- + 7 free days1,100/-7,700/-33,000/--3 Ultra bright LED lights
-2 Phone charging cables
-Battery clip charger
-10W Solar Panel
-Special: ReadyRadio with built-in torch
-Daily use of up to: 3 lights for 4 hour + 5 hours of radio + charge 1 phone
17W ReadyPay Home Comfort Kit85,000/- + 7 free days1,350/-9,450/-40,500/--17W Solar Panel
-4 Ultra bright LED lights
-Multiple tip phone charging cable
-Special: ReadyRadio with built-in torch
-Grid Charger
-Daily use of up to: 4 lights for 6 hour + 5 hours of radio + charge 2 phones
30W ReadyPay Business Pro Kit105,000/- + 7 free days1,500/-10,500/-45,000/--2 Ultra bright LED lights
-2 Multiple tip phone charging cables
-2 x 15W Solar Panels
-Daily use of up to: 15 phones in a day + 2 lights for 6 hours
30W ReadyPay TV Starter Kit160,000/- + 7 free days3,900/-27,300/-117,000/--1 Ultra bright LED light
-1 Multiple tip phone charging cable
-1 x 15″ LED TV
-2 x 15W Solar Panel
-Daily use of up to: 5 hours daytime TV + 4 hours light + 1 phone charge


  • Initial deposit includes 7 free days of power.
  • Prices are based on an 18 months repayment period.
  • Discounts are available if you wish to repay faster.
  • MTN Mobile Money fees for sending money apply.

How does ReadyPay work?

  • 1

    Take the ReadySet Solar Power System home after making a small deposit with seven free days of power.

  • 2

    Make affordable installments via MTN Mobile Money to access power.

  • 3

    You will receive a unique SMS code on your phone.

  • 4

    Enter the code into your ReadyPay Solar Power System and unlock your power.

  • 5

    After you’ve completed your installment payments (usually after 18 months), you will receive a code that will permanently unlock your ReadyPay Solar Power System. After that you can use it as much as you want for free.