Frequently Asked Questions

ReadyPay (Uganda only)

Where can I buy a ReadyPay Solar Power System?

ReadyPay Solar is available in Uganda through registered MTN and Fenix Dealers.  To find your nearest retail location, please call ReadyPay Customer Care at 0800 202 933 for free (from within Uganda).

What do I need in order to become a ReadyPay customer?

To register for ReadyPay Solar, you will need to have a government-issued identification card and a registered MTN Mobile Money account on your phone.   For details on the ReadyPay application process, please call ReadyPay Customer Care at 0800 202 933 for free (from within Uganda).

What type of ReadyPay payment plans do you offer?

We have flexible payment terms that allow you to pay daily, weekly, monthly or larger amounts.  You can also pay for ReadyPay over 1 to 36 months.   Click here to learn more about ReadyPay products in Uganda.

What happens when I complete my ReadyPay Solar payments?

You fully own your ReadyPay system and can continue using it for free.

Can I buy ReadyPay for someone other than myself?

Yes, you can buy ReadyPay Solar for people other than yourself and make repayments for them.  For more information, please call ReadyPay Customer Care at 0800 202 933 for free (within Uganda).

Do I need a technician to install ReadyPay Solar?

No technician is required.  We designed ReadyPay to be easy to carry home with you and set up yourself.  You simply place the panel on your roof or in direct sunlight, set the ReadySet in a safe location indoors, and begin powering lights, phones, and other devices.  Of course, you can always call Customer Care at 0800 202 933 for support.

What should I do if my ReadyPay System is not working?

First, be sure that your ReadyPay system has a battery charge and that you are current in making your ReadyPay payments. If your ReadyPay system still is not working, please call ReadyPay Customer Care at 0800 202 933 for free (within Uganda).

What type of warranty do you offer for ReadyPay?

We offer a 24-month warranty against manufacturers’ defects on all ReadyPay Solar Power Systems.  If you still have issues, call Customer Care in Uganda at 0800 202 933.

Do you offer ReadyPay systems with TVs?

Yes.  We offer a wide range of ReadyPay home and business systems, including systems with a television.  Because we built ReadyPay systems to be expandable in size, you can start with a basic system and add a TV at a later date.  Click here to see our ReadyPay product range.

How can I become a ReadyPay Dealer?

If you’re interested in becoming a ReadyPay Dealer, call Customer Care at 0800 202 933.

ReadyPay/ReadySet Product Use

What’s the difference between ReadyPay and ReadySet? Where can I buy them?

ReadySet is the name of our first smart solar power system.

ReadyPay is a slightly newer version of ReadySet that integrates payment technology to make more affordable energy payments over a period of time using mobile money.  When we launched ReadyPay in Uganda, we decided to officially change our product’s name from ReadySet to ReadyPay.

We continue to sell ReadySets for cash in North America.  For more information, please visit our Products Page.

How can I charge my iPhone or iPad?

The upper USB port on the ReadySet is set up to charge iPods and iPhones as well as other USB devices. iPhones/iPads have specific requirements for the USB data pins. The bottom port will charge all other standard USB powered devices.

How do I use the Universal Phone Battery Charger?

Download the ReadySet User Manual (link on page below).  Instructions on how to use the Clip Charger are located on Page 28-29.

What are the ReadySet’s dimensions?

The ReadySet is 8.9”L x 7.2”W x 3.7”H and weighs 7 lbs. Our solar panel is 17”L x 11”W x 0.9”H and weighs 3.8 lbs.

How long does it take to fully charge the ReadySet?

In bright sunlight, the ReadySet will take one whole day to charge from empty to full. In less than ideal conditions, the ReadySet may take 2 to 3 days to complete a full charge. The ReadySet will charge in about 4 to 6 hours using grid electricity.

What kind of power output does the ReadySet have?

The ReadySet uses a 12V, 9000mAh battery – that’s 54 watt hours of energy. It is an AGM battery with a chemistry tailored for high cycle life. In terms of charge cycles, we designed and tested the ReadySet in the field and found that you should get 500-1000 charge/discharge cycles. Practically speaking, a fully charged ReadySet will recharge up to 8 iPhones.

The battery is end user replaceable and replacements are readily available in the US (it’s a battery commonly used in computer UPS devices). Once we start shipping units we will post details on the replacement procedure and replacement battery sources on our website.

Can I use the ReadySet to charge my laptop?

Yes, but it depends on what kind of laptop you have. The ReadySet is capable of supplying up to 72W of power through its Car Lighter Adapter (CLA) ports, which means it can charge most laptops. Some laptops, however, require more than 72W, so please check the manufacturer’s charging specification. It’s important to note that although a fully charged ReadySet can power your laptop, its capacity will be a bit less than that of a high-end laptop battery. Believe us, we’re all for charging laptops with solar, but just remember that it may quickly deplete the ReadySet’s stored energy.

Can I use an AC inverter with the ReadySet?

Yes. Here are a couple things to keep in mind. First, the ReadySet’s Car Lighter Adapter ports are designed to supply up to a maximum of 72W of power. There are a lot of AC inverters out there – some even capable of supplying hundreds of watts of power – so just remember that if you try to pull more than 72W out of the ReadySet, the intelligent electronics will automatically shut down to protect the unit from damage. Second, if you pull 72W from a fully charged ReadySet, the energy stored in the battery will be depleted in about 45 minutes. Many AC devices consume a surprising amount of power so you will want to pay close attention to the requirements of your device before attempting to power it with the ReadySet and an inverter. Check out these inverters that we’ve tested with the ReadySet: Enercell 75W Power InverterTargus APV10US1, and Sears DieHard 71522.

Do I need to use an AC inverter to power my devices?

Despite being plugged into the AC wall outlet, most of your electronics actually run on DC power. So, in these instances, you may be able to use DC adapters that convert the 12 volts coming from the Car Lighter Adapter (CLA) to the correct voltage required by your device. Here are a couple 12V DC adapters that we’ve tested with the ReadySet: Coby CA709 and Powerline 90305. Note, please exercise caution and make sure you know what you’re doing before using these. The wrong voltage or polarity could destroy your electronics.

Can I connect my own solar panel?

Absolutely! The ReadySet supports panels up to 75W with a nominal voltage between 16V to 60V – that’s about five of the solar panels included in the Fenix ReadySet Solar Kit. One thing to note is that due to the characteristics of the battery, we limit the maximum battery charge rate to 30W. However, if you are pulling power from the ReadySet while its charging you can pull an additional 30W from solar directly into your connected electronic devices for a total of 60W from the panel.

The ReadySet has a built in MPPT solar charge controller designed specifically for the characteristics of our battery so a controller is not necessary for charging. That’s because when you connect a solar panel, the ReadySet acts as a maximum power point tracking controller.

The solar panels included in the kit attach to the back of the unit using standard banana plugs and wire binding posts. The banana plugs can plug into each other allowing you to connect an endless number of panels in parallel to the ReadySet. If you have panels from other vendors, you will need to either cut the cables and use the wire wrap method shown on pages 10 and 11 of the user manual, or you will need to figure out an alternative way to connect your panel to the bind posts of the Readyset.

How does adding a second solar panel change the ReadySet’s charging capacity?

Due to the nature of rechargeable batteries, powering the ReadySet with two solar panels won’t exactly halve the charge time in full sun conditions but will be close. Note that this is true for all batteries (AGM, Lithium, etc.). Two solar panels are very useful when you don’t have full sun. In overcast conditions, your 15W max solar panel might only deliver 5W (depending on conditions), so having two solar panels will double your solar power and double your charge rate.

What is the return policy for purchases?

The return policy can be found here.

What warranty does Fenix provide?

The warranty policy can be found here.

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