ReadyPay Power


“Fenix International has used one of the most common tools in Africa today – the mobile phone – to overcome one of the biggest constraints to renewable energy – up-front cost. With its simple and easy payment system, it has made electricity accessible to everyone. ReadyPay Solar is ready-made for Africa.”

– K.Y. Amoaka, President, African Center for Economic Transformation

ReadyPay is our patent-pending financial platform that allows customers to pay-to-own Fenix solar energy systems over time. Engineered to integrate with any mobile money system, ReadyPay enables customers to make payments from a mobile phone and receive a secure code to unlock access to solar power until another payment is due.

From customer payment histories, we are building a massive dataset to create a next generation credit score for the 2.2 billion unbanked adults in emerging markets (Source: McKinsey).

Launched in Uganda in partnership with Africa’s largest telecom, MTN, ReadyPay Solar is available now for as little as $0.20 per day.